The Ocean Adventures with Cory: The Coral Reef City is a children's book, an initiative of Oceanus Conservation to introduce corals and the importance of conserving the marine ecosystem to local coastal town kids.
The Corals
Corals reefs are made of thousands of tiny animals called coral polyps.
First row L-R: Massive coral with tentacles out, close-up of Favia coral (a kind of massive coral), close-up of a branching coral showing polyps
Second row L-R: Close-up of slughorn branching coral, foliose coral, close-up of foliose coral polyps with tentacles out
All photos are credited to @coralreefbeauty. (c)
Character Studies
Initial sketches
Cory the Coral Polyp (massive coral) character studies
Branching Coral character studies
Foliose Coral character studies
Composition Drafts
Rendering Sneak Peek

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